1985 – 1986 Gewerbliche Schulen der Stadt Moenchengladbach, Berufskolleg für Technik und Medien, Fachrichtung, Gestaltung.
1986 - 1989 Gewerbliche Schulen der Stadt Moenchengladbach, Berufsschule fuer Maler.
1995 - Austin Peay State University, Enrollment for Management, Fort Campbell, KY
1990 - 1997 US Armed Forces

Upcoming Solo Exhibitions
2018 Zitadelle Museum, Marcus Jansen, Berlin
2018 Baker Museum, Marcus Jansen, Naples, FL

2017 Weinstein Gallery, Marcus Jansen, San Francisco  

Solo Exhibitions
2017 Kunst Raum Klosterkirche, Marcus Jansen Aftermath, Traunstein, Germany
2017 Kunsthalle „Kunst & Kultur zu Hohenaschau e.-V.“, Marcus Jansen, Aftermath, Aschau at the Lake Chiemsee, Germany
2017 Art Karlsruhe, Marcus Jansen, Karlsruhe, Germany
2017 Galerie Kellermann, Marcus Jansen - Post-True Realities, Dusseldorf, Germany

2017 Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP, Marcus Jansen Dusseldorf, Germany

2016 La Triennale di Milano Museum, Marcus Jansen DECADE, XXI Triennale
Esposizione Internazionale Milan, Italy

2015 UNIT A Studio and Residency, Examine and Report, Fort Myers FL
2014 Museum Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto, Marcus Jansen, Sao Paulo
2014 Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter Gallery, Marcus Jansen, Bolzano, Italy
2014 Roberta Britto Gallery, Marcus Jansen - Veni Vidi Succumbe, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014 Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, Marcus Jansen - Future Ground, New York, NY
2014 Lazarides, Marcus Jansen, The Whistleblower, London, UK
2013 Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter Gallery, Marcus Jansen, Milan, Italy
2013 Phillips Gallery, Marcus Jansen, Sanibel/Captiva Island, FL
2012 Galleri Urbane, Marcus Jansen - Frontline Report, Dallas, TX
2011 The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, A Painter’s Allegory, Fort Myers, FL
2011 HW Gallery, Marcus Jansen - Illuminum, Naples, FL
2010 101/Exhibit, Marcus Jansen - Zeitgeist, Miami. FL
2009 Bill Lowe Gallery, Marcus Jansen, Viva la Internacional a Global Survey, Atlanta
2009 Museum Works Galleries, Marcus Antonius Jansen, Aspen, CO
2009 HW Gallery, Marcus Jansen, Naples FL
2008 Stolen Space Gallery, Marcus Jansen - Urban Expressionism, London, UK
2008 Museum Works Galleries, Marcus Jansen, Aspen, CO
2008 GoGo Gallery, Marcus Jansen, Miami, FL
2008 The Yeiser Art Center, Marcus Jansen, Paducah, Kentucky
2007 Museum Works Galleries, Marcus Jansen, Aspen, CO
2007 Damien B. Art Center, Marcus Jansen - Urban Expressionism, Miami, FL
2007 Gallery One, Marcus Jansen - Urban Expressionism, Nashville, Tennessee
2006 Lawrence Asher Gallery, Urban Expressionism, Los Angeles, California
2006 The Alliance for The Arts, Urban Expressionism, Fort Myers, FL
2006 Le Garage, Voice of a Generation, Paris, France
2005 Galerie l'art au Garage, Voice of a Generation, Paris, France
2005 American Art Gallery, Urban Expressionism, Paris, France
2005 Southwest Florida Museum of History, Fort Myers
2005 Gallery ONE, Urban State of Mind, Nashville, TN
2004 American Art Gallery, Urban Expressionism, Paris, France
2003 American Art Gallery, Marcus Jansen, Dueville. France
2003 Charles H. Wright Museum, Ford Paintings, Dearborn, Michigan
2000 Kunsthandlung Schonen, Subway u. Andere, Aachen, Germany
1997 Aula Carolina, Marcus Jansen, Aachen, Germany
1997 Jakobshof, Marcus Jansen, Aachen, Germany
1987 E-Dry, Graffiti demonstration with Daisy Dee, Heinsberg, Germany

Upcoming Group Exhibitions
2017 Kallmann Museum, „Ecce Creatura“, Group Exhibition, Munich
2017 Galerie Kellermann, Marcus Jansen, Art Koeln
2017 MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lazarides, Rome, Italy

Group Exhibitions
2016 Sotheby's, New York, "Take Home A Nude" NYAA, NY
2016 Still Here - A Decade of Lazarides, Lazarides Rathbone, London, UK
2016 Berry Campbell Gallery, Something, Chelsea, NY
2015 Cityleaks Urban Art Biennale, Cologne, Germany
2015 Elga Wimmer Gallery, "60 Americans", Chelsea, NY
2014 Richard Beavers Gallery, The Games We Played, Brooklyn, NY
2014 The Outsiders Newcastle, Recollection, London, UK
2014 U.S. Department of State, Art in Embassies Program, UNESCO, Paris France
2014 Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Metro/Montage, Marietta, Georgia
2014 The Baker Museum, Florida Contemporary, Naples, FL
2014 Montclair Art Museum, Eracism, New Jersey
2013 Ulyanovsk Museum Fine Arts, "acquisition new work", Russia
2013 Boca Raton Museum of Art, All Florida, Boca Raton, FL
2013 Housatonic Museum of Art, "Eye on the storm", Bridgeport, CT
2013 Naples Museum of Art, Incognito, Naples ,FL
2013 Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, "Eye on the storm", Fort Myers, FL
2013 Castello Consortile di Buronzo, Group show, Italy
2013 Romanian Institute for Arts and Culture and Research, Venice, Italy
2013 Telecom Italia Futura Centre, Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy
2013 Arsenale-Venice, Tese di san Cristoforo, Venice, Italy
2013 Revelations in Reality, Creative Concepts Inc., New York, NY
2013 Casa Delle Culture Del Mundo, So far so close, Milan, Italy
2013 Richard Beavers Gallery, Protest, Brookyn, NY
2013 Richard Beavers Gallery, BoomBox, Brooklyn, NY
2013 Dreamtime “New Surrealism” Mirus Gallery, San Francisco
2012 Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, Anonymous, PERMM Russia
2012 Jansen, Mueller, and Sonnenberg: Lessons in Expression, Conceptualism, and Abstraction, FGCU
2012 HW Gallery, Naples, FL
2012 NOVA Festival de Cultura Contemporanea, Absolut Blank, Brazil
2011 Naples Museum of Art, Florida Contemporary, Naples, FL
2011 Cinemateca Brasileira, Absolut Blank, São Paulo Brazil
2011 Absolut Vodka, New Generation of Artists, Sweden
2010 New Britain Museum of American Art, New Acquisitions, New Britain, CT
2010 Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, new acquisitions, Kansas, MO
2010 Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Metro/Montage X, Atlanta, GA
2010 Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum, Berlin, Germany
2010 Berliner Congress Centre, FIFA exhibition, Berlin
2010 Gwen Cole Art Center, Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas National, US
2010 Kim Foster Gallery, Group show, New York, NY
2010 Mason Murer Fine Art. Art Papers, Atlanta, GA
2009 International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa
2009 FDIM Museum, Los Angeles, Warner Bros. Anniversary Exhibition, CA
2008 Florida Gulf Coast University, Where the Wild Things (Still) Are", Fort Myers, FL
2008 Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, NJ
2007 Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow, Russia
2007 National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan
2007 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, 12th Intl Biennial, Taiwan
2007 The Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, 12th Intl Print & Drawing, Biennial, Taiwan
2007 Central Exhibition Hall Manege, 8th International Biennial, St. Petersburg, Russia
2007 Center for the study for Political Graphics, Propaganda World Tour III, CA
2007 Kunstforum International, 5th. SEETAL, Switzerland
2006 49th Festival, Société des Beaux Arts de Garches, France
2006 Tampa Museum of Art, under/current/over/view 8 Biennial, Tampa, FL
2006 Angel Art Gallery, 12th International Print & Drawing Biennial, Taiwan
2005 Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, Arts for Act, Florida
2005 Museum of African Art, Group show, New York, NY
2004 Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, Arts for Act, Fort Myers, FL
2003 Tuskegee University, acquisition, Tuskegee, Alabama
2002 Atlanta City Hall, Art Papers Magazine show, Atlanta, GA
2002 Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2001 Stricoff Fine Arts, New York, NY
1999 Madison Square Garden, International Independent Film Festival, New York, NY
1997 Galerie de Bernardi, MEPS, Aachen Germany

Museum Collections
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, (MMOMA) Russia
New Britain Museum of American Art, US
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, US
The Ulyanovsk Museum Fine Arts, Russia
PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan
Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, US
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Other Collections & Institutions
U.S. Department of State, UNESCO, Paris, France
Absolut Vodka, Sweden
Warner Brothers, US
FIFA World Cup TM, Africa
Ford Motor Company, US
Illuminum Perfume, US
Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama

Selected Private Collections

Steve Lazarides Ltd., London. UK
Prof Dr Dieter Ronte,(Former Director at Kunstmuseum Bonn.)
Mark Gyetvay,(CFO Novatek)
Dieter Rampl, (Chairman Hypo-Kunsthalle Munich)
Anthony Carmello,(NBA, New York Nicks)
Peggy Cooper-Cafritz, (New York Times noted Art Collector)

Film Documentary
Marcus Jansen - Examine and Report a documentary Film by John Scoular
Featuring: Marcus Jansen, Steve Lazarides, WEST Rubinstein, Noah Becker, Brooke Lynn Mcgowan, Dieter Rampl, Hans Jansen, Richard Beavers, Liane Niedheidt and John Loscuito.

2017 Sotheby's, New York, "Take Home A Nude" NYAA, NY
2016 Michaans Auctions, CA
2015 Benefit auction for the Foundation Marzotta for Research of Fibrosi Cistica, Ma Maison di Odilia Prisco, Milan Auctioneer: Vittorio Sgrabi
2014 AAG Auction, Amsterdam

2016 “Best local film” Marcus Jansen - Examine and Report. feature Film at the Fort Myers Film Festival, a documentary Film by John Scoular
2016 New American Paintings No. 124, MFA Alumni selection, Juror Steven L. Bridges, (Assistant Curator at Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University)
2015 Inclusion in the “Cityleaks Urban Art Biennale” the Largest Urban Art Biennale in Europe, Cologne
2013 The Fleurieu Art Prize Finalist, Australia, Juror Nigel Hurst, (Director and Chief Executive at Saatchi Gallery in London)
2013 Arte Laguna Art Prize, Venice,Italy, Juror Sabine Schaschl, (Director and Curator of Kunsthaus Basel, Switzerland)
2013 Studio Visit Vol. 22, Juror Dina Deitsch (Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum)
2012 Dave Bown Projects, United States Grand Prize, Curated by Andrea Karnes (Curator at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth)
2011 New American Paintings No. 94, cover artist, MFA Alumni selection, Juror Dan Cameron, (Founder Project New Orleans)
2010 MFA Boston, America Remixed, selected artist for trustee gifts.
2008 8th. International Contemporary Art Biennale "Dialogues", St. Petersburg, Russia, (Curator Larisa Golubeva.)
2008 Who's Who in Visual Art, Who is Verlag, Leibzig, Germany
2007 12th. International Print & Drawing Biennale, Taiwan, Juror among others, David Kiehl,(Whitney Museum of Art, New York.)
2007 Who's Who in International Art, Lausanne Switzerland
2007 Who's Who in American Art, 27th and 28th edition, New Jersey
2006 Tampa Museum of Art, under/current/over/view 8 Biennial, winner, Juried by Dr. Jeffrey Grove, The Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary, Tampa, FL

2006 Famous Contemporary Artists, World of Art Books, Masters of Today. Author Petro Russu.

Academic Support
2017 Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte, Prof. Dr. Manfred Schneckenburger, Dr Gottfried Knapp, Dr Elmar Zorn, Hirmer Verlag Germany Tour book “Marcus Jansen Aftermath.”
2017 Dr. Elmar Zorn, Art Historian, Munich - Marcus Jansen Orrick Haus Dusseldorf, Inauguration
2016 Dr. Elmar Zorn, Art Historian, Munich - Marcus Jansen Studio Inauguration
2015 Paolo Manazza (Art Critic) Milan
Marcus Jansen / DECADE monograph, Essay.
2015 Lawrence Voytek, (Art Production Director for Robert Rauschenberg) Fort Myers.
Marcus Jansen / DECADE monograph, Essay.
2015 John Losquito, (Gallery Director FGCU) Fort Myers.
Marcus Jansen / Examine and Report, Film
2015 Dr. Brooke Lynn McGowan, (Art Historian/Writer/curator) New York Marcus Jansen / DECADE monograph

2015 Noah Becker (Editor in Chief Whitehot Magazine) New York Marcus Jansen / DECADE monograph, Essay.

2014 Dr. Brooke McGowan., (Art Historian/Writer/curator) New York Marcus Jansen - Future Ground, Essay, Castlefitzjohns Gallery

2014 Dr. Alan Theisen (Composer) Tallahassee
“Gallery 4” Marcus Jansen Creeping Obstacles in Kansas music
2014 Tom de Freston, (Art Historian) London
Marcus Jansen 2014 Catalog Raisonne’ Introduction
2013 Igor Zanti (Art Historian/Art Critic) Milan
ESPOARTE , Marcus Jansen - “E Nata Una Stella?” - “A New Star is Born?”
2013 Alexandro Riva (Art Critic) Milan
Marcus Jansen / Milan Catalog Essay

2013 Diannah Guimaraens Ph.D Sao Paulo
Marcus Jansen Vini Vindi Succumbe Introduction
2013 Danny Simmons (Artist) New York
The Art Album, Art on DEKZ - Marcus Jansen
2011 Dan Cameron (Former Director of the Orange County Museum of Art) Newport Beach
Marcus Jansen - New American Paintings No. 94
2010 Donald Miller (Art Critic/Writer Columnist for Art News) Naples, Marcus Jansen new work 101 Exhibit

2008 Phillip Harvey (Writer at International Review of African American Art)
Vol 22. #2, Marcus Jansen text
2007 David Kiehl (Curator of Prints and Special Collections at the Whitney Museum of American Art) New York. Marcus Jansen 12th International Print & Drawing Biennale, Taiwan
2005 Jerome A. Donson (Art Historian/Former Director American Vanguard Exhibitions 1961) Port Charlotte
Modern Urban Expressionism, The Art of Marcus Jansen

Upcoming Art Fairs
2017 Art Koeln, Galerie Kellermann, Germany

Art Fairs
2017 Art Karlsruhe,Galerie Kellermann, Karlsruhe, Germany
2015 Art Verona, Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter, Verona, Italy
2015 Art Palm Beach, by Invitation to Contemporary Art Projects, FL
2015 Scope Art Fair, Richard Beavers Gallery, Miami.
2014 Art 14 Art Fair, Lazarides Gallery, London, UK
2014 Dallas Art Fair, Galleri Urbane, Dallas TX
2013 Art Basel Miami Beach, CONTEXT Art Miami, Galleri Urbane, Dallas TX
2013 Art Verona, Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter, Milan Italy
2013 ARTSTAYS, Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter, Slovenia
2013 Dallas Art Fair, Galleri Urbane, Dallas TX
2012 Art Platform L.A., 101/Exhibit
2012 Art Southampton International Contemporary Art Fair, 101/exhibit
2011 Art Basel Miami Beach, SCOPE, 101 /Exhibit
2011 Art Show L.A, 101 /Exhibit, Miami
2010 Art Hamptons, 101/Exhibit, Miami
2010 Art Chicago, 101/ Exhibit, Miami
2010 Art Basel Miami Beach, SCOPE, 101 /Exhibit
2009 Art Santa Fe International Fair, MW Galleries, Santa Fe
2008 Art Basel Miami Beach, Bridge Art Fair, MW Galleries, Aspen, CO
2008 Art Show L.A., Museum Works Galleries, Santa Monica, CA
2007 Art Basel Miami Beach, Bridge Art Fair, MW Galleries, Aspen, CO
2001 Affordable Art Fair, Stricoff Fine Art., New York

Art Talks
Florida Gulf Coast University
Southwest Florida College

Arttribune, Italy
La Repubblica, Italy
Arte, Italy
Il Giorno, Italy
Il Gornale. Italy
TVN Televisonet, Italy
That's Contemporary, Italy
ToBE Magazine, Italy
ZERO, Italy
Il Cittadino, Italy
Libero, Italy
Milanoplatinum, Italy
Panorama, Italy
Whitewalls, Magazine, CH
Naples Noteworthy, US
Strife Journal, UK
American Artist, US
Palat Magazine, NL
New York Times, US
Rolling Stone Magazine, Italy
Arte, Italy
New American Paintings, US
Vanity Fair, Italy
Arte Fuse, US
L'Allure des Mots Magazine, US
Schon, Magazine. UK
La Repubblica Magazine, Italy
KULT Magazine, Italy
American Art Collectors, US
Malibu Arts Review, CA
Artribune, Italy
American Painter Introduction, US
Art Daily, US
Huffington Post, US
NY Arts Magazine, US
Exibart, Italy
The International Review of African American Art, US
American Art Collectors, AZ
Art Pulse, Magazine, US
Art Districts, Magazine, US
Forbes Magazine, US
Aesthetica Magazine, York, UK
Cambridge University Press, UK
The College of William & Mary, US
Art Pulse Magazine, US
Lodown Magazine, Germany
Artes Magazine, US
Art Districts Magazine, US
Art News Magazine, US
Art-Interview, Germany
World Culture News, Russia
Zurban Magazine, Paris
Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL